Some wild places have the power to captivate all who visit them, not because they have unrivalled views or superior scenery but because they instil in the visitor a sense of wonder and awe. This book is about one such place. 

It’s ancient woodland is a landscape of fairytale qualities where vast oaks stand side by side with some of the tallest holly trees in Britain. Reminiscent of childhood stories, the wood is a chaotic tangle of twisted branches where light is sparse and evergreen curtains of holly hang in the air. Dead and decaying boughs and trunks litter the floor and even on the brightest of days the air is cool and the forest dark. For all who enter here mystery abounds and imagination runs wild.

Through a collection of 50 colour images and accompanying text the story of this woodland unfolds through the seasons across two years.

Rooted is published on 6th December as a limited run of 250 editions, all numbered and signed. It will retail for £28 but can be pre-ordered for £22 and will be shipped in time for Christmas.

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