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Kingdom of Rust 


The crenellations of the old steel sea defence span the length of the beach forming a seemingly impenetrable barrier. A man made wall with an undulating surface, etched by time and decorated with the patterns of nature. It stands in defiance, facing the sea, guarding the crumbling cliffs behind. Its footings are buried deep within the wet shingle and its imposing structure stretches high into the sky.

It affords protection – for now.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Rust a new short project by Gill Moon

The images depict the old sea defences at Bawdsey, in particular the steel piling wall that protects the crumbling cliffs from the ravages of the sea. From the casual glance this imposing wall looks ugly and utilitarian, a man made structure that has no place on a wild beach. But look more closely and you will see the interaction of nature, the effects of the sea and the beauty in decay that has come to characterise the wall.

The project consists of 24 full colour images displayed in a 32 page zine.

Size 210mm x 210mm

32 pages

Limited edition of 30, numbered and signed.

Comments about ‘Kingdom of Rust

‘Just a very brief word to say thank you for your Zine. I have to say it is beautifully printed and the images are nothing short of amazing. The whole thing just exudes quality. Thank you for producing it.’

‘A quick note to say that I think your zine is excellent. The pictures are beautiful, the words evocative and poetical and the layout works extremely well. 

I’m really pleased to have a copy of this zine and I know I will be looking at it frequently.’

‘Beautiful photographs and very inspirational.’