Planet Suffolk

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About ‘Planet Suffolk – Love letters from a changing world’

The world is changing and so is our environment. On a global scale the news looks bleak but how do we view things on a local level. What stories can we tell about Suffolk? 

Planet Suffolk – Love letters from a changing world is a collection of 36 personal stories and photographs from around Suffolk. They tell of our connection with the landscape, our love for our countryside and the wildlife that inhabits it, our memories of the past and our care and concern for the future. 

Inspired by COP26 – the UN Conference on Climate Change that took place in Glasgow in 2021 the project has been collated and edited by local landscape photographer Gill Moon. 

Despite having their roots in the environmental breakdown the stories from participants are all about love and care and a desire to preserve for future generations the amazing landscapes of Suffolk. 

With Contributions from:

Pat Ainger, Simon Amstutz, Melinda Appleby, Stephen Ball, Alan Bedding, Michael Cant, Angela Chalmers, Mark Cresswell, Chris Cross, Christopher Cullen, Barbara Fisher, Anna Gallagher, Simon Gooderham, Ruth Grindrod, Zoe Harris, Mark Hodge, Claire Ling, Sheena McCallum, Gill Moon, Jeremy Mynott, Siân New, Laurence Nicholls, Rosey Nicholls, Sarah Openshaw, Nigel Paul, Martin Poulson, Melissa Riley, Jamie Smith, Nigel Smith, Tessa Sinclair, Dennis Tattoo, Dominic Whiten.

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