At the edge of permanence

At the edge of permanence


At the edge of permanence. 

Nothing in life or the landscape is permanent.

We live life in moments, ephemeral and transitory.

The same is true of the landscape – it changes all the time.

But there are locations that have a durability about them that makes them feel unchangeable and permanent. Coigach in the North West Highlands of Scotland is one such place.

Coigach lies about 20 miles north of Ullapool in the North West Highlands Geopark. The landscapes within the park contain some of the oldest rocks (3 billion years old) and some of the earliest evidence of life found anywhere in Europe. But on a more local level the area is made up of habitats and wild places that are transient and vulnerable and which change on a daily basis.

Set against the seemingly permanent mountains of Assynt This project explores life in the liminal zones. Those ever changing realms where no moments are the same.

All the images in this project were taken during the course of one week in June 2022. They come together to form my observations of an amazing place.

Life at the edge of permanence is a project that I have published as a hardback book limited to only 50 copies:

50 copies only, all signed and numbered.

Hardback with 80 pages

53 full colour photographs

Printed on 200gsm matt paper



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