Adventures in Photography Challenge Day Seven

Today is the seventh day of my photography challenge – Adventures in Photography

This morning I headed for Woodbridge, my theme for today being the River Deben.

I arrived about 6am and headed along the river path towards Melton. It was a cold and frosty morning with not a breath of wind and the river was completely still making some wonderful reflections at Melton Boat Club. This was my first shot of the morning and was a 0.6 second exposure at F14. I used a 0.6 ND graduated filter to balance the exposure.

I then headed a little further along the river path to the old boat wreck which was my second shot. This was a 1.6 second exposure at F14. I loved the stillness of the river and the really delicate colour pallet which was created by the soft light and the frosty ground.

For my third shot I headed back toward Woodbridge and stopped at Melton Boatyard to photograph two of the barges moored there.

As I headed back into Woodbridge the light began to brighten a little and there were a few breaks in the cloud. My next shots were all taken along Woodbridge waterfront and caught my eye because of the light on the water. The pastel colours and perfect reflections were too good to pass up.

My final shot of the day was taken outside the Woodbridge Boatyard. It features Clytie, built in 1922 by Everson & Sons, and thought to be the longest resident boat on the river. She is a beautiful boat and always catches my eye when I walk along the riverfront so it seems fitting to feature her as my last image of the day.