Highlighting the beauty, importance and value of hidden landscapes

Wild spaces are important and precious no matter how visible or large they are. As a landscape photographer I am keen to champion the hidden landscapes and unique habitats that can be found on all our doorsteps and that often get overlooked in favour of the more iconic beauty spots or nature reserves.

In a time when the environment needs our consideration, photography is a powerful tool in encouraging observation and an understanding of our surroundings. It is a little step towards promoting care and protection of our valuable countryside and wild spaces. I believe that you cannot love what you do not know and you cannot know what you do not see. 

My current projects are both in my home county of Suffolk and look at two very different environments; a grazing marsh and an area of ancient woodland.

Current Landscape Photography Projects

The Enchanted Forest

This is an ongoing project to explore the magical and enchanted woodland of Staverton Thicks in Suffolk. It is an area that has been described as being ‘as close to primal woodland as anything else in Britain’. Here ancient oaks, many of them stag headed and hollow, grow alongside huge hollies, silver birches and rowans. The woodland floor is thick with leaf litter and broken and decaying branches.

The project explores the mystery and magic of Staverton whilst also seeing the woodland as a thriving natural environment that has changed little over hundreds of years.


This is part of a wider project centred around the RSPB open reserve at Hollesley marshes. The initial project was to follow the life of the marsh through all four seasons in 2020 and record the changes that occur during that time. Hollesley Marshes lies adjacent to the river Ore and for this project I decided to document several distinct habitats: the marsh, the farmland, the river and shingle beach and Bathorpes Creek.

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK and we entered a period of nationwide lockdown from March 24th. Leaving home was only permitted for four reasons, one of which was for daily exercise. During lockdown I took my camera and my dog and recorded my response to the natural world on my daily walk through Hollesley marshes to the river.

Grounded is a compilation of my observations throughout 2020 between two national lockdowns and is presented as a limited edition soft backed book.

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