Photography Resourses

A page full of links to PDF’s and useful articles on photography

Photography Resources

Over the years I have written lots of photography resources and articles and I thought it might be useful to collate them all together into one handy page of Photography Resources.

I have started with the most recent blog posts and grouped them into some order. I have then added all the Photo Club challenges that I have set, which were only previously available as paid challenges.

If you would like to read the Shoot for the Moon articles that preceded my Substack writing then you will find them all on my blog.

I continue to write about Landscape Photography every week in my Substack blog which I have called ‘For the Love of Landscapes’. This features my weekly musings on photography and you can find the current edition and all the past editions over on Substack.

I have included links to some of my most popular articles down below, but please feel free to check out the whole blog and maybe even subscribe so that you don’t miss any future posts.

For the Love of Landscapes is a completely free resource which I hope you will find useful and interesting.

Articles on developing as a photographer

Becoming a Landscape Photographer

What kind of photographer are you?

Understanding our creativity

Developing your photographic style

Projects and Stories

Editing our Photos

The F2.8 Challenge

Finding Motivation

Colours, Pairs and Grids

Articles about place

Technique versus Emotion – how we respond to a landscape

Capturing a sense of place 

Finding awe in ordinary places

Aspirations and Expectations

Honeypot Locations – should we embrace them or avoid them? 

Photo Club Challenges. 12 editions available

These PDF’s were part of a monthly challenge that I set my photo club members. The challenges were followed by Zoom meetings to discuss the results. I have decided that the challenge information might be a useful resource and so I have made them available here as free downloads.

Each PDF has a dedicated theme and features comprehensive notes to allow you to undertake the challenge.

Hopefully these will be an interesting resource in their own right.

My Photo Challenges will be returning again in autumn 2024.

If you would like to take part please check out my workshops and tuition website 

Photo Challenge 2023 – Creativity

Photo Challenge 2023 – Using Foregrounds in Landscape Photography

Photo Challenge 2023 – Abstract and Detail

Photo Challenge 2023 – Agricultural Landscapes

Photo Challenge 2023 – Inspired by the Sea

Photo Challenge 2023 – Colour in the Landscape

Photo Challenge 2023 – Depth of Field

Photo Challenge 2023 – Woodlands

Photo Challenge 2023 – Black and White Photography

Photo Challenge 2024 – Winter Photography

Photo Challenge 2024 – Transition Zones

Photo Challenge 2024 – Lines in the Landscape

Ideas and Inspiration 2 Volumes

Volume 1 – Ideas to kickstart your photography – Companion shooting

Volume 2 – Ideas to kickstart your photography – Sketch Book Photo Walks