Exhibiting your Photography

Spring Glade by Gill MoonAs a landscape photographer I am constantly adding new images to my portfolio. I try and get out with the camera as much as I can and any new images that I am happy with get added to my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I am not really a fan of viewing images on social media. It is a very transient thing. We scroll through our feeds, spending very little time and attention on each post. We like or dismiss each image on its merits whilst looking at a tiny image on a tiny screen. It really isn’t the best way to view art.

If you are an amateur photographer I really would advise you to get your images printed. Even if you only ever do it once I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed especially if you choose some fine art paper such as Hahnemühle Cotton Rag. At 300gsm this is much thicker than ordinary photographic paper and it also has a matt finish which I love. You can use an online company like Whitewall or you can print your own.

I use Hahnemühle for all my photographic prints and a local print company to produce them for me.

The Connections Exhibition

This month (October) I am exhibiting a range of my Suffolk images at the Illuminate Studio in Brightwell Barns. Every month the studio has a theme for its exhibition and this month it is Connections. This really resonated with me and my landscape photography and I submitted 11 images as part of the exhibition.

Exhibiting my images is something I try to do at least once a year. It is a great way to reach a new audience and a rewarding thing to do. It is always interesting to see how people react to certain images  – even if they are critical or don’t like them.

Putting together a series of images for an exhibition is a challenge. A lot of thought goes into image selection and sequencing. The key is to find images that all work together as a sequence. I like to think of them as a whole instead of 11 separate images, so they all have to visually work well together.

I chose these 11 images because they depict the wild landscapes of Suffolk that I feel such a connection with. The first 6 images comprise a panel of work from Staverton Thicks, an area of ancient woodland that formed the basis of a two year long photo project. This panel of work won me an RHS Silver – gilt medal in the 2021 RHS photography awards. The remaining 5 images show natural areas of Suffolk from Dunwich Heath to Shingle Street and includes my image that was awarded runner up in the Classic View Category of LPOTY 2021.

All my images are limited to 25 editions and each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Alongside my images I am also hosting Octobers ‘Artist Conversation’ at the gallery. I will be talking about my photography journey, how I got started, my style of work and my most recent projects.

If you would like to come along to the exhibition it is running throughout October at the Illuminate Studio, Brightwell Barns, IP10 0BJ

My artist conversation is taking place on 26th October at 7pm. Please book a ticket if you would like to attend.