Journey for Wildness – Raising funds for the John Muir Trust

Journey for Wildness – Raising funds for the John Muir Trust

I have been a member of the John Muir Trust for several years. I love wild spaces and I am keen to protect them for future generations so joining the Trust was something I felt was really worthwhile.

The John Muir Trust’s original Journey for the Wild took place in 2000. Back then participants crossed land, sea, rivers and lochs in an epic, 2500-mile pilgrimage to Ben Nevis six years after the Trust purchased the iconic mountain.

In 2021 the Trust is renewing its call to take action for wild places by inviting its members and supporters to take on a Journey for Wildness and raise funds for the John Muir Trust’s work tackling issues such as the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

I have decided to join the fundraising effort and am running a series of 3 workshops which will explore some of Suffolks wild spaces. The aim of the sessions is to get to know these environments more intimately using the camera as a means to observe and connect with the landscape.

The workshops are not technical sessions on how to use a camera. They are suitable for phone cameras, compacts or DSLR’s. The idea is to observe the landscape, increase your knowledge of the location and think about how you can use all the interesting observations you make in your photography. The session will feature different challenges designed to promote a more thoughtful approach to landscape photography and hopefully help you engage more fully with the natural world.

I have a lovely write up on the Trust website and will be donating £20 from every workshop booking which will go directly to the John Muir Trust Journey for Wildness Campaign.