Woodland Waking – the story behind the image

The Story behind Woodland Waking

Woodland waking, Upper Hollesley Common SuffolkMost of my photography is captured at the beginning of the day, it is my favourite time.

I love that special moment when the sun rises, watching the soft light of dawn spill across the land and transform the natural world. It really is magical and I never tire of the experience.

This image ‘Woodland Waking’ was taken on a quiet September morning. The day dawned chilly and heavy with mist. The heath at Upper Hollesley Common was perfectly still when I arrived about half an hour before sunrise. I have been to this location many times, it is right on my doorstep, and I feel I know it really well.

Walking form the car park I headed to the edge of the wood where I knew the sun would rise behind the trees. I was hoping that the mist would create a mysterious mood to any compositions I found.

The summer of 2022 had been unusually dry and very hot and most of the heather on the heath had not flowered. But approaching the wood I was greeted by a fantastic display of colour. Water droplets hung from all the branches and spiders webs glistened with diamanté dew drops. The heath looked magical.

In the bushes stonechats called, a sound reminiscent of banging stones and to my right a group of fallow deer ambled towards the trees. There was no one else around to break the silence or the magical spell that the woodland had cast.

I set up my tripod and waited for the sun to rise, capturing my shot just as the woodland was waking.

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