Adventures in Photography – Nature Connections Day 3

Nature Connections Day Three – 30 Days Wild

The 1st June marked the start of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Campaign, an initiative set up to help promote a connection with the natural world. The campaign encourages participants to seek out ‘random acts off wildness’ everyday for the month of June.

This year I thought I would take part photographically with a daily photograph and blog post that represents my connections with the natural world.

Today I took my camera out on my morning dog walk and revisited some of the locations that feature in my Grounded book

Grounded is my latest project which details my connection with Hollesley Marshes, an RSPB reserve on the banks of the River Ore. The reserve is accessed by a footpath which runs alongside the marsh. The path is edged in horse chestnut trees and the verges scattered with cow parsley. Growing amongst this sea of white are patches of comfrey with their mauve and pink pendulous flowers and dark green leaves. Spring has been really late arriving this year but now it is here it is glorious.

My walk takes me to the river where I find a seal playing in the creek. He isn’t phased by my presence and we spend some time observing each other before he heads for the open waters of the sea.

I walk down to the shingle beach and find the Saltmarsh blooming with masses of pink and white flowers. Delicate sprays of sea thrift mix with carpets of sea campion. In the distance I can see the cottages at Shingle Street and on the river a couple of yachts drift lazily out to sea.

It is a truly beautiful morning and I feel that there is no better way to start the day.

Recently I have begun to run a series of workshops which have nature connection as their central theme. These ‘Part of the Landscape’ sessions are accompanied by a free workbook which is all about contemplative photography and connecting with the landscape.