Adventures in Photography – Nature Connections Day 2

Nature Connections Day Two – 30 Days Wild

The 1st June marked the start of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Campaign, an initiative set up to help promote a connection with the natural world. The campaign encourages participants to seek out ‘random acts off wildness’ everyday for the month of June.

This year I thought I would take part photographically with a daily photograph and blog post that represents my connections with the natural world.

Today I decided to head out to watch the sunrise on Shingle Street beach.

As I make my way onto the beach at 4.15am I am very aware of the shingle crunching beneath my feet. At this time of the morning every sound seems to be exaggerated. There is a breeze blowing in from the sea and I can hear the bell on the marker buoy at the entrance to the Ore chiming with the rhythm of the tide.

The sky is pale blue blending to a darker grey on the horizon. The sunrise is not too looking promising in terms of colour, the low level cloud has seen to that, but it is still lovely to be out.

The beach is covered in spring flowers. The red blooms of valerian mix with the whites of sea kale and sea campion and are accompanied by the tiny mauve flowers of the sea pea which are dotted amongst the taller plants.  As I walk I startle a group of five hares which lollop across the shingle towards the longer grass by the road. It always seems strange to me to see hares on the beach but they are a common sight here.

I head across the rolling shingle ridges towards the coastguard cottages and watch the sun break the horizon in a fiery red ball. I wait for it to rise above the clouds and cast its warming light across the landscape before taking a photograph.

Recently I have begun to run a series of workshops which have nature connection as their central theme. These ‘Part of the Landscape’ sessions are accompanied by a free workbook which is all about contemplative photography and connecting with the landscape.