Adventures in Photography Challenge Day Twelve

Day Twelve of my photography challenge – Felixstowe Ferry

After yesterdays storm the weather had calmed down a bit this morning although it was still quite breezy and pretty chilly. I decided to head to Felixstowe Ferry for a sunrise across the River Deben.

My first shot was a long exposure across the river using one of the many groynes and posts along the beach. The sunrise didn’t look that promising when I first arrived but it wasn’t long before the colour began to appear in the clouds. It didn’t last long and by the time the sun appeared most of the vibrant colour had gone leaving a yellow band on the horizon and dark grey clouds above.

Seeing all the grey clouds I thought I had seen the last of the sunshine for the morning but the weather was rolling in from the west and the day turned out to be quite bright and sunny.

I love all the characterful huts on the river bank at Felistowe Ferry. The tide was low so perfect for exploring the foreshore and the dawn colours were subtle and really beautiful.

The boatyard is one of my favourite places to explore with its collection of interesting huts and plenty of dinghies and houseboats to photograph.

I spent a long time exploring around the boatyard before returning to the quay to capture some of the fishing huts and nets that were strewn around outside.

The sun was shining brightly now and most of the subtle colour that I enjoy had vanished. There was just enough time to capture a view along the river towards the Martello tower before heading home for a welcome cup of tea.