Adventures in Photography Challenge Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen of my photography challenge – Walberswick

The weather was supposed to be a bit better today but arriving at Walberswick I had to wonder what I had let myself in for. It was grey when I arrived, then after half an hour I had to abandon my image making for the cover of the car while the rain lashed down outside. However it was fairly short lived and eventually the sun came out and completely transformed the landscape.

I began my image making around the old pier. The tide was fairly high so I was too late really to make the most of this structure, but I took an image anyway as I liked the water movement around the posts and the colours of the seaweed contrasting with the sea worn wood.

Walberswick is renowned for its sand but I love this line of pebbles which runs along the middle of the beach. The colours today blended so well with the muted tones of the sky and sea.

The dunes that back the beach are one of my favourite places and I have fond memories of playing here as a kid. There is always something to photograph here whether it is the marram grass, the fence lines or just some washed up drift wood.

The black houses on the Dunwich River are an iconic part of the village. I love the view from across the salt marsh especially over the tiny pools which give some nice reflections on a still day.

The path to the sea looked decidedly grey and uninviting just after the rain, but then maybe this image shows the more realistic face of an English seaside resort in the winter (and amid a global pandemic)!

Eventually the sun came out and the landscape was transformed.

I spent a bit of time exploring the river edge around the ferry crossing, the black huts on the foreshore and the tiny beach a little further along where I focused on some of the smaller details.

I think this shot of the boat was my favourite from the day. I love the colours and the sea washed sand.

Walberswick is somewhere I know well but it is somewhere I hadn’t been for a while with the camera. Despite the rain I enjoyed getting reacquainted with this rather special seaside location.