Adventures in Photography Challenge Day Nine

Today is the ninth day of my photography challenge – Adventures in Photography

Finally the sun came out! For my photography today I went to Landguard Point. It is a place I love to visit for the contrasts between the wildlife and the bustle of the port. In the summer the nature reserve is full of wild flowers and the beach is a beautiful contrast to the vibrancy and noise of the port.

I started my wander today at the Docks and walked to the old pier at the end of the peninsula. There was a little activity on the river but the port seemed fairly quiet with only a couple of ships in dock.

I love shooting over this old concrete structure for the colours of the seaweed that it contains. It is better at high tide and works well with long exposures but today the colours were looking particularly vibrant.

Half way along the beach is an old pier and looking in the opposite direction there are a number of pill boxes and old world war two structures. This post and pill box caught my eye as simple structures set off by the billowing clouds beyond. I had originally envisaged this shot in colour as the vibrant green of the post top was quite striking but I ended up opting for a more dramatic look in black and white.

The remains of the old pier at Felixstowe work really well with long exposure photography. This shot was a 5 second exposure at F14. This was just long enough to blur the water but quick enough to retain some definition in the clouds.

Looking away from the pier the view across to Felixstowe looked lovely in the late evening sunlight. I changed to my 70-200mm and shot across the bay. I tried to use the breaking waves as a leading line to continue the curves of the shore.

Unfortunately after a promising afternoon sunset never really materialised. There was a bank of grey on the horizon and the sun slipped behind this and we were deprived of any really good cloud. These last three shots were taken about half an hour before sunset.

Whatever time of year I visit Landgaurd Point there is always something to see and photograph, whatever the weather.