Nature Connections Day 9

Nature Connections Day Four – 30 Days Wild

The 1st June marked the start of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Campaign, an initiative set up to help promote a connection with the natural world. The campaign encourages participants to seek out ‘random acts off wildness’ everyday for the month of June.

This year I thought I would take part photographically with a daily photograph and blog post that represents my connections with the natural world.

This morning I went to Felixstowe Ferry for a 1-2-1 tuition session but before this started I spent a really peaceful hour on the beach photographing the river with the red valerian in the foreground. This is one of my favourite flowers which can be found growing in many places along the Suffolk Coast. It is not actually a native plant and was introduced from the Mediterranean in the 1600’s. It is a plant I associate with the summer and was one of the reasons for photographing at Felixstowe Ferry today.

Even though it was only 8am and the sun wasn’t that high in the sky the day already felt warm and the insects were out buzzing around the red and pink blooms collecting nectar. Fortunately it was a fairly still morning so it was easy to capture the flowers without them blowing around. I used a polariser and an ND filter to try and bring some of the colour out in the sky.

Although this feels like a typical postcard shot I think it sums up summer on the Suffolk Coast beautifully.

Recently I have begun to run a series of workshops which have nature connection as their central theme. These ‘Part of the Landscape’ sessions are accompanied by a free workbook which is all about contemplative photography and connecting with the landscape.