Nature Connections Day 8

Nature Connections Day Four – 30 Days Wild

The 1st June marked the start of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Campaign, an initiative set up to help promote a connection with the natural world. The campaign encourages participants to seek out ‘random acts off wildness’ everyday for the month of June.

This year I thought I would take part photographically with a daily photograph and blog post that represents my connections with the natural world.

The weather forecast for this morning was looking really good – light cloud, hardly any wind and high humidity which was quite promising for some mist at sunrise. I set the alarm for 3.15am and headed out to Shingle Street (as it wasn’t too far to travel.) This is quite a good location for mist which tends to hang over the marshes.

Shingle Street is one of my favourite locations to photograph especially in the early summer when all the flowers on the beach are blooming. Often when I head here I walk to the right of the coastguard cottages but today I turned left and wandered along the concrete road to the sea. This morning sunrise coincided with low tide and this revealed some fantastic shapes in the exposed shingle banks just offshore. Despite the attractive patterns I decided that I would return to the seawall and shoot across the marsh as there was still some mist hanging close to the ground which often intensifies just after the sun has risen.

There was just enough high level cloud in the sky to light up as the sun rose and as it did so the mist began to get thicker. I wandered along the sea wall and chose some compositions using the cow parsley as my foreground, shooting some images towards the coastguard cottages and some towards the sea and the rising sun.

I chose this shot as todays image because I felt it captured the absolute beauty of the morning. Well worth getting up early for!

Recently I have begun to run a series of workshops which have nature connection as their central theme. These ‘Part of the Landscape’ sessions are accompanied by a free workbook which is all about contemplative photography and connecting with the landscape.