Nature Connections Day 7

Nature Connections Day Four – 30 Days Wild

The 1st June marked the start of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild Campaign, an initiative set up to help promote a connection with the natural world. The campaign encourages participants to seek out ‘random acts off wildness’ everyday for the month of June.

This year I thought I would take part photographically with a daily photograph and blog post that represents my connections with the natural world.

This morning I decided to head over to Thorpeness for my day’s image. I was planning a sunrise shoot but the skies were very grey at 4.30am so I waited around until the clouds started to break.

Thorpeness is not somewhere I go to very regularly as it never feels wild enough for me. However at 7am it was pretty deserted and the view across the still water was lovely. The light was really soft which worked well with the varying shades of green around the waters edge.

The mere was full of ducks, swans and Egyptian geese all milling around in the stillness of the morning. There were lots of swan families on the little island at the front of the mere and it was lovely to see the cygnets take to the water and follow mum in search of food.

All the colourful rowing boats were moored up along the waters edge and there was no one else around to share my view. For a man made environment it was really peaceful and was a lovely location to while away some time and take some photographs.

Recently I have begun to run a series of workshops which have nature connection as their central theme. These ‘Part of the Landscape’ sessions are accompanied by a free workbook which is all about contemplative photography and connecting with the landscape.