Encounters with Suffolk – Alderton

Encounters with Suffolk   Encounters with Suffolk is a new series of blog posts designed to give an insight into my relationship with Suffolk countryside. I feel that my images can only ever hint at what it is actually like to be in a particular place at a particular time. There is so [...]

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Redressing the balance – Woodbridge Photography Exhibition

As an outdoor photographer I am used to the idea that a landscape can somehow “speak” to the image maker. Through it’s topography, scale, colour, light, sound and smell it communes with our senses evoking within us a range of emotions and establishing a connection which photographers often feel deeply. I believe it is [...]

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Reconnecting in Anglesey

Outdoor photography, like the landscape itself is a wonderfully fluid and continually evolving thing. There is always something to learn, new techniques to develop and new ways of seeing the world around us. This week I joined landscape photographer Cheryl Hamer for a two day workshop on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. As much as I love [...]

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Capturing the borderlands

The beauty of landscape photography is that it gives you an excuse to travel and discover different parts of the country. The Northumberland coast was a place I had longed to explore for a while. It regularly features in photography magazines with images of romantic looking castles and wild windswept beaches I decided it was time [...]

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