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A little bit about me

I have always loved the natural world and am never happier than when I am out exploring with my camera. I have no formal photographic training but have always had a camera in my hand and have developed my style through a passion for the countryside. Through photography I have built an intimate connection with the landscape. It has opened my eyes, taken me on a journey of discovery and allowed me to experience some truly amazing moments.

I have wandered river walls, and empty beaches, flat heathland and tangled forests, steep mountainsides and deserted loch shores. I have watched birds on estuary shores searching for food, deer in woodland glades skittish and wise to my presence, seals playing in turbulent waters and eagles soaring high above my head. I have observed and embraced it all.

For me photography is all about emotion, a connection with the landscape and the wildlife that lives there. The desire to capture and share something wonderful that has touched my heart.

As a photographer on the Suffolk Coast much of my outdoor work involves creating images in flat marginal landscapes – terrain I have come to love and understand well. My love of the outdoors also extends to the sea and I am an experienced sailing photographer providing images to the yachting press and local sailing scene.

I have been published in Classic Boat, Watercraft, Classic Sailor, Outdoor Photography, The Countryman, Digital Photographer and several local magazines and newspapers. I also help publish the Coastal Events Guide a regional sailing and watersports magazine.

When time allows I escape to the highlands to get lost in the tranquility and the awesome beauty of the mountain landscape something which comes as a refreshing tonic to the lowland beauty of home.