Stormy Seas

Saligo Bay, Islay


Saligo Bay lies on the west coast of Islay and is a versatile place for seascape photography. The beach is a mixture of sand and huge rocky outcrops which jut out into the clear aqua seas.

I arrived on the beach as a strong westerly wind was driving the waves ashore. The sun was shining on my arrival but the cloud soon began to increase creating a much more moody atmosphere. I love these rocky outcrops – they are so full of life and character and are screaming out to be photographed. I lined up this image so that all the lines converged at the pinnacle of rock in the sea. I also loved how the sky above this rock was still fairly bright but was surrounded by much darker clouds.

  • Camera: Nikon D700

  • Settings: F16 at 1/80 sec

  • OS Ref: NR 20794 66891

  • Inspiration: The rocky outcrops on the beach and the breaking waves that were being driven ashore by a brisk westerly wind.

  • Date shot: 10/08/17

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