Mellow Morning

Mellow Morning, River Ore – Suffolk


The fog hangs heavy in the air as I make my way down to the banks of the River Ore. Fine droplets of moisture cling to my hair and clothes adding a physical dimension to the almost oppressive weather conditions. The air is completely sill and icy cold, the land blanketed in a thick coating of hoarfrost. It is a good half hour before sunrise but the grass sparkles in the early morning light.

Visibility is poor on this cotton wool enclosed morning. I cannot see the sea despite standing on the river wall, but all around me I can hear nature beginning to stir. The waves on the shingle are gentle this morning and almost impossible to hear, but there are other sounds to fill the air; chattering gulls, the startled cry of a redshank and the thin whistling calls of hundreds of wigeon echoing around me from the far reaches of Hollesley marshes, sounds that evokes the very essence of wild.

I wander down to Sampson’s Saltings enjoying the shapes, tones and textures of the frost covered vegetation. The sun is slowly rising in the sky trying desperately hard to penetrate the thick blanket of fog, its rays just bright enough to cast a delicate warming glow to the frost covered land. I crouch down and take a few images of the boats on the edge of the beach, loving the muted mellow tones of the morning.

  • Camera: Nikon D700

  • Lens: Nikon 70 – 300mm

  • Settings: F9 at 1/160 sec handheld

  • Grid Ref: TM 38035 45041

  • Inspiration: Rising sun through the fog

  • Date shot: 28/12/2016

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