By the light of the moon

Sizewell Beach – Suffolk

Standing on the edge of Sizewell beach watching the sun disappear below the horizon the coast seems like a magical place. The marram grass whispers gently in the breeze and the sea tosses in restless anticipation of nightfall. The beach is quiet and deserted. I sit looking out to sea and watch the cormorants drifting in to land on the platform that marks the water outfall from Sizewell power station. Behind me the huge white dome that is synonymous with this coastline takes on a muted pink colour as the last rays of sun slip below the horizon.

I have come to the beach  hoping to photograph the “super” moon rising over the North Sea. However I am beginning to wonder if I will get the shot that I am after. There is a bank of cloud just offshore which is preventing me seeing the moon as it crosses the horizon. However I know that if I wait it will eventually break cover although hopefully not too high in the sky for the image to work.

My plan for this shoot was to try to capture the moon rising over the water platform and use this to give some scale to the scene and hopefully show the size of the full moon. Unfortunately by the time the moon actually broke free from the clouds it was rather high in the sky so didn’t appear quite as big as I had hoped.

Despite things not working out quite as I had planned I quite like this image of a rather ugly industrial structure covered in cormorants under the light of a super moon. There is something rather beautiful about the whole thing.

  • Camera: Nikon D700

  • Lens: Nikon 70 – 300mm

  • Settings: F6.3 at 1/5 sec

  • OS Ref: TM476627

  • Inspiration: the rise of a supermoon

  • Date shot: 13/11/2016