Polbain – Wester Ross

Polbain – Wester Ross

The weather in the north west highlands can be so changeable that it always pays to be prepared – unfortunately I’m not that organised! It had been grey and dull all day but by 9pm the clouds lifted and the sky cleared and we were treated to some gorgeous light over the summer isles. I grabbed my camera and dashed down the road to the beach at Polbain but soon realised I had forgotten my tripod!

Looking out across the bay my mind wandered to a previous visit when we had embarked on a boat trip to the Summer Isles from the now redundant pier. The boat was the Hectoria and the trip was amazing. When we returned we fished from the pier and caught mackerel for our tea. A perfect summer day.

Tonight the air now was still and the beach deserted apart from a few sheep and the resident oystercatchers. Stopping to listen the stillness was all encompassing. These are the kind of evenings that deserve to be savoured. High in the sky the moon looked out over the bay and the sea shone with a gorgeous white hue. Fortunately there was just enough light to capture some images using the old iron buoys at the back of the beach which look as though they were placed for just such a purpose.

  • Camera: Nikon D700

  • Lens: Nikon 24 – 70mm F2.8

  • Settings: F6 at 1/60 sec

  • Grid Reference: NC 01116 09676

  • Inspiration: Sunset and tranquility

  • Date shot: 13/07/2016